As John Gill so aptly tells us about 1 Timothy 2:13

She was formed out of him, was made out of one of his ribs; and was formed for him, for his use, service, help and comfort; and here lies the strength of the apostle’s reason, why the woman should be in subjection to the man; not so much because he was made before her; for so were the beasts of the field before Adam; and yet this gave them no superiority to him; but because she was made out of him, and made for him,

She is the best little helper a man could ask for and I thank God for making her for me and I thank her for making it easy to love her as Christ loved the church.


  1. I thank God everyday I’m a feminist, and I ask Him for the strenth and the courage to deal with people like you.

  2. “The best little helper”?

    My gods, you think Christ treats his church like a pet??

  3. corriejo


    Do you not see that you are doing more harm than good? Belittling the important role of ezer by calling your [imaginary] wife “the best little helper”? I agree with “whatsername” that it sounds like you are referring to a pet instead of an adult woman.

    I call my 4 yr old daughter “my little helper” because she IS little. But, I wouldn’t dare call my 17 yr old daughter “my little helper”, not because she is large (she is petite) but because she is so MUCH MORE than some little helper that stands there handing me the wrench when I need it.

    The meaning of ezer implies strength and NOT junior assistant. Your wife is your strength. God is referred to as our “ezer” 26 times in the Old Testament. Is He also your “best little helper”? Is the Holy Spirit, the Helper, also your “best little helper” made for your own personal use?

    You are clearly not understanding that Hebrew meaning of the English word translated “helper” when you use that demeaning terminology.

    Also, no human being was made for the “use” of another human being. We were created to SERVE others but others were not created to be used by us. Your role as a husband is one of love and servanthood and dying to your own SELF and one of being concerned with how YOU may please your [imaginary] wife.

    Christ put the emphasis on servanthood but patriocentrists put the emphasis on being served. When you look at women in this way you are not looking at them the way that God had intended.

    What is your goal with using this sort of unbiblical terminology and eisegesis? Do you think it proves something when you get people angry with your words? Does that prove you must be right? Or could it mean that you are just offensive?

  4. concerned mother in MO

    How disturbing to read corriejo’s comment!
    So how does she explain Genesis 2:18 where God says
    It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him
    It is terrifying to hear the minds of young females whose thinking has been so twisted, but
    satan did it to Eve and he will not give up until the END
    God help us

  5. alix

    your may call yourself a christian but you ara most definetly not

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