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Carmon tells us on her blog today

As my wise husband says, when you write something on the internet, it’s like writing it on a public bathroom wall. Anyone can read it and discuss it. But for Christians to go from website to website, looking for opportunities to berate, argue, and tear down, is reprehensible behavior. Here’s my admonishment: Stop it! I am convicted again of the importance of guarding my mouth, even when it’s not moving. For the next week, I am going to be silent here and elsewhere online, and only post quotes which speak for themselves, or links, about the subjects of gossip and slander. It is my hope that it will encourage us all to be obedient servants to the clear commands of Scripture, and that we will be able to find a way to communicate properly with one another, in love, so that the watching world will not be able to find real fault with us for our dissension, but will only be able to resort to mocking us for our radical commitment to obedience to our Lord.

Go and read the rest of the blog post I recommend it highly and for one look forward to the seeing the quotes she will post this coming week.