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Doug Wilson dishes on gender roles…

When it comes to 1 Cor. 11:3, where we learn that God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of woman, Wright goes with the popular (and to my mind, evasive) reading that head here means source, like the head of a river. But apart from the special pleading aspect of this, it appears to me to be special pleading that actually backfires on the egalitarian. If headship here means covenantal or federal headship, as I would want to argue, then the headship of the man incorporates and represents the woman, allowing for and requiring a perichoretic equality between the sexes. In a Trinitarian framework, submission does not mean inferiority. But this language of headship as source, when it comes to the sexes, is thin ice indeed. Taken too woodenly, this idea would lead us toward an Arian Christology, and a Muslim view of women. In other words, egalitarians need to recognize that their reading of 1 Cor. 11:3 is more conducive to the mentality of raw patriarchy than is the covenantal and representative reading. Submission to a source is more problematic than submission to a covenant representative.

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Patriocentrist (n)

1.) a person who believes that a “the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church” and has angered at least one evangelical feminist, usually resulting in a blog, podcast or article(s) being written to mischaracterize what the person in question has said

As John Gill so aptly tells us about 1 Timothy 2:13

She was formed out of him, was made out of one of his ribs; and was formed for him, for his use, service, help and comfort; and here lies the strength of the apostle’s reason, why the woman should be in subjection to the man; not so much because he was made before her; for so were the beasts of the field before Adam; and yet this gave them no superiority to him; but because she was made out of him, and made for him,

She is the best little helper a man could ask for and I thank God for making her for me and I thank her for making it easy to love her as Christ loved the church.