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What exactly do I mean by the title of this blog?

In early church history the term Christian was a derrogatory term for those who followed the Christ. Patriocentrist is a term coined by vicious people on the internet to misconstrue the Biblical Patriarch’s call to examine our modern lives in light of God’s eternal standards.

So I’ve decided to own the term. I’ll be that big bad patriocentrist that I keep hearing about. I my mind it’s better than a matriocentrist or a individuocentrist, or even a slanderocentrist.

This blog is an issue driven blog, it has a narrow focus that is examining the claims of the busy bodies, gossips, and other malicious nagging tounges to see if there is any truth. I contend that everyone of the leaders of this little band of wagging tounges has an agenda or has bought into the lies of someone who does.

I will occasionally serve up for your enjoyment patriarchs from past and present in their own words so you can see for yourself.